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"We needed a new weapon. The Jaeger Program was born." 

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Any Of These Sound Familiar?

- "Why’s he/she always on my case?"

- "I can’t even approach him/her, they’re always soo bitter."

- "I can’t wait to move out so I won’t have to deal with this shxt."

Yeah, we’ve all gone through these thoughts about our parents at one point or another. That’s fine, we’re from different worlds, and we see things differently, so from time to time we’re bound disagree. But sometimes, we find ourselves arguing more and more often … a rift eventually forms, and before we know it, we’re doing everything we can to avoid having to deal with them. Locking doors. Getting out of the house whenever possible. Ignoring them when avoidance is impossible. "We’re just too different." "We can’t agree on anything anymore, so why bother trying now?" "They’re negative about everything, I can’t even be myself." Just a few other things that may cross our minds as we approach our breaking point. We stay out of their lives and focus on our own … all the while wondering why things have to be this way, what happened to make our parents so unreasonable and distant. We’ve forgotten.

Forgotten that like us, our parents go through alot, and that after some time, they may end up venting out their frustrations on us more often than they realize. Actually, scrap alot. They deal with more shxt than we even realize. Mortgages. Bills. An unsatisfying career. Holding down their marriage. Their own fears and struggles. The list is endless. Yeah, we’ve got our fair share to deal with, between school, work, and the significant other … but at the end of the day, chances are we don’t fall asleep worrying about how to provide for our family the next day, amongst other things. And then, throw in the fact that your son/daughter is slowly drifting apart and you have no idea how to fix things … because as the parent, there’s no way you’ve done anything wrong, right? That’s the greatest wall for parents, admitting they’ve screwed up - it makes them feel vulnerable, weak. Simply put, it’s a [Stubborn-Them vs. ‘Rebellious’-Us] death match that everyone ends up losing, shattered relationships and all.

Now, bitter or not - everyone’s parent(s) love/s them, though showing it can be easier said than done. Knowing this (whether before/after reading this post), we shouldn’t hesitate to at least try and see things through their eyes. Having a legit heart-to-heart with Mom/Dad - one where you can let them know exactly what’s on your mind and vice versa - isn’t the easiest thing to do when you haven’t had a decent conversation in a while, but a may be the first step to piecing things back together. Yeah, you may have let go of what’s happened in the past, and drop some of the pride preventing you from making the first move, but if you truly value a relationship with your parents, it should be a risk worth taking.

But hey, just one guy’s opinion.


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